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Managing Family Businesses

Are you managing your family business? 
Invest in your future by taking a 2-Day workshop 


(May 2023)

8 hours

About the instructor

Dr. Arif Iqbal Rana is an industry expert. He has written over fifty case studies, is a consultant, and is actively advising Family Businesses and Retail Firms in the country. 

Who should attend:

Family managers, members, siblings, parents, and non-family managers. 

Learning Outcomes:

Why is a family an asset for a business, and when does it become a liability? 
What are the different family business typologies and the challenges a family business faces during the transition between them? 
When is it better for the family to stick together during a family transition and when it undergoes a strategic split?
How, what, and when should a family plan for successful succession? 
What does professionalizing a business & a family mean, and how to go about doing it? 
How to begin drafting a family constitution?

Fee & Payments

Course Fee: PKR 160,000
Special discounts available for early birds, professionals who make lump-sum payments & group