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Who We Are

Centre for Professional Excellence

We are leaders in training and capacity building – empowering professionals to upskill and create impact at their work places. We collaborate with subject matter experts with international exposure and experience to help all types of organisations and individual professionals achieve organisational and operational excellence.

Access to both virtual & in-person trainings

Mentorship with
industry leaders & experts

International networking opportunities


Our success is deeply rooted in the positive impact we have on your employees. It is our promise to accelerate progress in areas of strategic importance for you. Here’s how we can help you:

  • Training need analysis for your organisation
  • Creating a future-ready workforce
  • Driving employee engagement
  • Benchmarking opportunities
  • Meeting organisational goals
  • Increasing employee productivity

Individual Professionals

We invite you to create a brighter future for yourself by meeting your professional and career goals
through our trainings. We use resources from around the world to ensure your success. Here’s how
we can help you:

  • Unlocking your true potential
  • Connecting you with a growing community of professionals and mentors
  • Mentoring and career counselling

Our Vision

The vision of CPE is to be a leading hub for professional development, recognized for its innovative training solutions and impactful contributions to the corporate sector.

Our Mission

The mission of CPE is to empower individuals and organizations with cutting-edge knowledge and skills through capacity building innovative trainings, contributing to the development of a highly skilled and competitive workforce.