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UCP Centre for Professional Excellence has been established with a scope to train and upskill the individual professionals and support in capacity building of the organizations in both public and private sector in line with the modern technology and professional standards.

We help all types of organizations and individual professionals to achieve and sustain organizational and operational excellence through collaboration with our national and international partners. Our team consists of Subject Matter Experts possessing international experience and exposure and extensively involved in international standardization and professional education pertaining to Business, Innovation, Excellence & Technology in multi disciplines and industries.


About ORIC

HEC aims at inspiring and encouraging the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to make study a top priority for a sustainable economic development and future information economy. HEC has started working to coordinate the research activities of universities/HEIs ensuring availability of well-established and fully functional ORICs.

ORIC will supply strategic and organizational support to the research activities/programs of a university and it will play a significant role in promoting the outcome of the university’s researches.

Bringing inventions to market has not been the key historical position of university-based researchers. Instead, university researchers more reasonably focus on fundamental science. But the end goal of scientific science is to better the human condition and so aiding the transfer and commercialization of discoveries serves the needs of the inventor and community.

Since the Industrial Revolution, the development of economies around the world has been powered primarily by the pursuit of scientific knowledge, the implementation of engineering solutions, and continuous technological innovation.” Ideally, university systems should promote all sides of this process, from creativity to innovation, as well as commercialization.

Director ORIC

As the Director of UCP’s Offices of Research, Innovation and Commercialization, I am honoured to be part of the university’s knowledge, research and entrepreneurial excellence culture. UCP is a university by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. This is driven by innovative advancements in curriculum delivery and credible problem-solving research closely developed with the industry.

Combining this with entrepreneurial pursuit, the courage to innovate and the potential to commercialise, UCP is leading the way towards extensively contributing to national economic development activities. Since 2016, UCP’s Offices of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (UCP-ORIC) have facilitated faculty and student driven discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship. These investments have positioned the UCP community to enable the movement of innovations and discoveries from our labs to the marketplace for the benefit of the public to amplify UCP’s national impact. UCP-ORIC bridges engagement between the UCP community and the industry through conversion of ideas into successful agreements for economic activity.

UCP-ORIC facilitates connections from UCP’s research community to industry and start-ups by strategically evaluating, protecting and licensing UCP technology.

Director ORIC
Dr. Athar Mansoor

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