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Introduction to Deep Learning with Python

1 Week

6 Sessions
3 hours session


Dr. Shazia Saqib is working as an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Central Punjab. Previously she was working at Lahore Garrison University Lahore. She has worked on a number of projects in deep learning and computer vision. She has been conducting workshops on similar topics. She is a Ph.D. in Deep Learning and Computer Vision from GC University Lahore.

Mode of Delivery:

Workshop, Interactive discussions, and hands on training

Learning Outcomes:

To understand the fundamentals of deep learning.
To know the main techniques in deep learning and the main research in this field.
To be able to deploy models trained in deep learning

Why Attend

  • Understand fundamentals of deep learning how it is different from machine learning.
  • To solve a number of classification problem using different datasets.
  • Demonstrate face generation based on the data base a promising application of generation models.
  • The components of a deep neural network and how they work together

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone with a strong willingness to do coding
  • Software developers who want to familiarize themselves with AI based solutions
  • Software developers who want to work on Computer vision related problems
  • Students

Learning Investment:

Rs. 25,000/-