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Digital Journalism

This course has been built with the concept of inculcating journalistic knowledge and practices to prospective, beginner, early-career, or mid-tier journalists and digital content creators. It offers a hands-on approach to understanding the mechanisms of news media and the realm of digital newsgathering that shapes our local and global opinions. Through this course, trainees will learn to read, write, and edit journalistic content with a stronger ethical skillset along with building a proficiency in the digital journalism realm.

Course Objectives

This course examines the realm of digital journalistic content and cultivates critical thinking, while analysing major journalistic issues featured in the digital world. The course also helps develop writing skills, which are tailored for a digital audience in an ever-converging mediascape.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand digital journalism as a discourse.
  2. Develop a journalistic skillset for a digital audience.
  3. Examine relevant global and local issues discussed in the digital realm.


  1. Introduction to Digital Journalism
  2. The Know-How of Digital Journalism
  3. Digital News Reporting
  4. Data-Gathering Methods for Digital Journalism
  5. Digital News Reporting for social media
  6. Viral VS Responsible Social Media Journalism –The Tenuous Line
  7. Digital Journalism Ethics – The Global Debate
  8. Digital Journalism Ethics – The Local Lens
  9. Introduction to Hub, Hygiene and Hero Content in Journalism
  10. Writing Methods of Hub, Hygiene and Hero Content in Journalism
  11. Multimedia Toolkit
  12. Final Submission of multimedia package or written article/story

Lead Trainer:

Mr. Ahsan Tariq Farooqi

2 Months

(Thursday & Friday)

3 hour

Fee & Payments

Course Fee: PKR 35,000
Starting Date: 23rd Jan 2023
With special discounts available for early birds, lump-sum payments, group registration, organization nominations and UCP Alumni Staff/Faculty/Students.